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Potential Uses of jaNaDeTect

Putting jaNaDeTect to Use

jaNaDeTect can be deployed in many ways:

Second Inspection

In addition to the operator’s visual inspection, jaNaDeTect can be used as a second inspection of 100% of all joints, assuring quality of electrofusion joints.

Statistical Sampling

The performance of an operator’s electrofusion program can be verified by inspecting a sample set of joints to determine the overall failure rate. This can also be done on a complete range of fittings or on a subset of fittings. JANA can provide guidance on conducting the statistical analysis.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Employing jaNaDeTect can provide many benefits within an operator’s QA/QC Program:

  • As an audit program, checking joints randomly or at a statistically relevant interval, jaNaDeTect can help an operator ensure contractors and crews are creating quality electrofusion joints, instilling a measure of quality assurance into the process and providing a gauge of the quality of work for each operator and contractor.
  • jaNaDeTect allows operators to introduce criteria for inspection of certain joints or joints in certain locations, such as requiring a second inspection on any joint that will have high consequence if it were to fail.
  • For joints that do not clearly fail the visual inspection but for which an operator or inspector may have a concern or question, jaNaDeTect provides a second level of confidence to decisions to leave joints in place.

Operator Qualification/Training

jaNaDeTect can be used to qualify fusion operators by using jaNaDeTect to verify the quality of fusions created by operators rather than destructively testing every fusion. In this way, much of the OQ can be done in the field and fusions can be left in place if they are found to be good.

In addition, in-class training can be augmented by testing all fusions with jaNaDeTect. This will provide immediate feedback to fusion operators as jaNaDeTect allows trainees to verify the quality of their work immediately.

Post Audits

If there has been an issue with an individual contractor or operator, samples of their work can be excavated, and jaNaDeTect can be used to determine if the joints can be left in the system or need to be removed.

How it Works
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Getting Started with jaNaDeTect

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