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jaNaDeTect Non-Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic NDT for Electrofusion Joints

Together, InDepth and JANA have identified and implemented a novel approach to non-destructive evaluation of electrofusion joints, using technology that is based on simple A-scan ultrasound.

This technology – known as jaNaDeTect – is the first of its kind due to InDepth’s unique approach to analyzing sound waves which produces accurate results in a user-friendly and cost-effective tool that has proven to be highly reliable in identifying the primary failure modes observed in the field.

Features & Benefits:

  • Increase Electrofusion joint lifespan
  • Reduce the need for costly and invasive follow up testing
  • Automatically detect a full range of anomalies
  • High accuracy and flexibility
  • Compatible with all major brands of EF couplings and saddles
  • Rapid joint inspection
  • Fully automated data capture and reporting
jaNaDeTect™ can be used for second inspection, statistical sampling, quality assurance, quality control, and more

Uses & Applications

jaNaDeTect can be used for second inspection, statistical sampling, quality assurance, quality control, and more. Learn about jaNaDeTect today!

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Using jaNaDeTect™, you’ll be able to accurately identify electrofusion joint anomalies using ultrasound technology and an innovative analysis approach

How It Works

Using jaNaDeTect, you’ll be able to accurately identify electrofusion joint anomalies using ultrasound technology and an innovative analysis approach. To learn more, please visit our ‘How it Works’ page.

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Curious as to how jaNaDeTect™ was discovered and developed?

Origins & Development

Curious as to how jaNaDeTect was discovered and developed? Visit our jaNaDeTect development and origins page to browse emerging data and to see images from our test trials.

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Why jaNaDeTect is Important

For buried gas distribution pipelines, most of the future risk profile is set when a pipeline is installed. In effective Integrity Management Systems, then, it is critical to ensure the integrity of new pipeline installations. With the excellent projected longevity of current generation PE gas piping, a key component of ensuring future pipeline integrity must be centered on ensuring the integrity of the joining techniques.

The jaNaDeTect Difference

jaNaDeTect can automatically detect the full range of anomalies in electrofusion joints known to lead to ultimate joint failure. Innovative yet affordable, jaNaDeTect uses A-scan technology with unique spectral analysis processing for anomaly detection. jaNaDeTect provides a fully-automated pass/fail criteria for the joint so that jaNaDeTect can be employed in the field by a minimally trained inspector, eliminating the need for expert interpretation.

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