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Meet The InDepth Team

Leadership Team


Wayne Bryce, President & CEO of JANA

If you know Wayne, you’ve heard him tell the story of being a young engineer, visiting a home in Texas where there were issues with piping behind the wall. He rang the doorbell, and a mother answered the door, a baby on her hip and a toddler running around. The house was a disaster – holes in the wall, mold, etc. – because of leaking piping. This family had put their life savings into buying this home, and it was in a state of disrepair because we failed to create a product suitable for its intended use. We, as an industry, failed this family. This is Wayne’s “why”. This is the reason he founded JANA.

Better Piping for a Better World: This is JANA’s mission, and we live by it every day. This Mission defines us, directs us and drives us. We live it by investing deeply in developing the absolute best technology that empowers our clients to genuinely manage their assets in a risk-informed manner and profoundly mitigate the inherent risks of operating pipeline assets. The technical approaches JANA uses provide our clients a clear line of sight on risk.

Industry Participation: American Gas Association Piping Materials Committee, American Gas Association Engineering Committee. American Gas Association TIMP Committee, Institute of Asset Management (IAM) NSF-14 Joint Committee, ASTM F17, Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI), Western Energy Institute (WEI), Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), American Water Works Association (AWWA), PE 100+ Association.


Ken Oliphant, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of JANA

At JANA, we believe in Better Piping for a Better World. It’s because of this Mission that we are driving a movement toward a progressive and substantive methodology for risk modeling. Having spent his entire career in the piping industry – from product formulation and development, to market access, to risk modeling and lifetime forecasting – Ken understands the difference between our technology and other standard, established technologies. Under Ken’s technical leadership, JANA’s expert team partners with our clients to develop asset management strategies based on state-of-the-art mechanistic-probabilistic risk modeling, allowing our clients to make fully informed decisions.

Industry Participation: American Gas Association TIMP Committee. American Gas Association Field Operations Committee, ISO TC 251, CSA Z662, ASTM F17, Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI), Canadian Standards Association (CSA B137), Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE)


Chris Moore, VP Engineering at JANA

Mr. Moore received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Western University. He has spent his entire career in the regulated utility industry, with specific focus in gas operations.

With a career that spanned more than two decades at the Enbridge family of companies, Mr. Moore is well-versed in operational, engineering and regulatory requirements involved in managing pipeline assets. Mr. Moore has spent 15 years in leadership roles, from Engineering Materials & Construction through to EH&S, ultimately ending up as the Director of Network Operations for Enbridge Gas Distribution before transitioning to the private sector. As VP Engineering at JANA, Mr. Moore leverages his 25 years of industry experience and his passion for operational optimization to help JANA’s customers leverage the value of their assets.

Technical Team


Dalton Crosswell, Technical Lead – NDT at JANA

Finding joy in – quite literally – getting his hands dirty, Dalton has been charged with leveraging his passion for product development and innovation to commercialize JANA’s NDT technology for electrofusion fittings. This has meant many late nights in the lab making muddy samples and many hot days in the ditch in Texas trialing our technology! As a results-oriented person, Dalton is driven to listen to our clients’ feedback in turning field and laboratory results into a reliable, accurate, useful tool in the field.


Patrick Vibien, Principal Consultant – Pipelines at JANA

With more than 20 years of experience in the piping industry – a large part of that focused on material formulation and performance characterization – Patrick’s passion lies in the underlying driver of pipeline performance: pipeline quality and process improvement. As Principal Consultant, it is Patrick’s responsibility to understand the entire lifecycle of an asset through the procedures and processes that control and impact the lifecycle. By identifying failure modes, recognizing what can cause these failures and ensuring effective barriers are put in place to adequately reduce the likelihood of failure, Patrick supports our clients in the development of Integrity Management Plans that maximize the lifetime of their pipeline assets.


Alex Doig, Project Manager at JANA

Combining his passion of solving business problems with an education in chemical engineering, Alex’s focus is ensuring positive outcomes for all project stakeholders. Alex leverages his undergraduate pipeline integrity experience at a natural gas distributor and practice in translating technical information for a broader audience. Alex also understands the importance of enthusiasm and a positive attitude in achieving project success. As Project Manager, Alex is excited to bring stakeholders together to create value for JANA’s clients.

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