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About Us

Meet InDepth

The newest company in the JANA family, InDepth is your gas distribution pipeline joint integrity specialist.  Leveraging JANA’s knowledge and experience, InDepth’s team of engineers are committed to developing high quality, technologically advanced tools for evaluating joint integrity for the gas distribution industry.

With the excellent projected longevity of current generation PE gas piping, a key component to ensuring the integrity must be centered on ensuring the integrity of the joining techniques.

InDepth has developed a novel approach for non-destructive evaluation of Electrofusion Joints, using technology that is based on ultrasound.

  • This technology – known as jaNaDeTect ™ – automatically detects the full range of anomalies in Electrofusion Joints known to lead to ultimate joint failure and provides a pass/fail result for the inspected joint.
  • When properly leveraged, jaNaDeTect ™  identifies compromises that could otherwise prove disastrous – leading to the repair of joints before failure occurs.
  • The peace-of-mind that jaNaDeTect ™ provides allows operators confidence in their electrofusion joint integrity and the knowledge that future incidents are being prevented.

Non-Destructive Testing Innovation

InDepth is committed to the research, design, and development of a variety of gas distribution pipeline products – most notably the revolutionary jaNaDeTect system.

Meet Our Team

The InDepth Team

We recognize that providing the best product and service in the world requires the best people in the world, with the highest level of commitment to the values of our organization. Our customers have access to the knowledge and capabilities of our people whenever the need arises.


Low per-unit cost allows jaNaDeTect to be used widely in the field, affording gas distribution pipeline operators the ability to equip each fusion crew with joint inspection capabilities, providing a viable means of achieving 100% joint inspection.

Simple to use

The jaNaDeTect hardware is portable and handheld while still being rugged enough to perform in the field. The jaNaDeTect hardware easily connects to a tablet or laptop and its patented software guides users through each electrofusion joint test, giving an overall pass/fail result for the joint.

Highly accurate

jaNaDeTect has been verified for couplings and tees through testing of thousands of test points on joints of various diameters between 1” – 20”. Excellent correlation has been achieved for all major defects found in electrofusion joints, including voids, contamination, cold fusion and more.

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To learn more about jaNaDeTect, contact us today at (905) 726-8550 or Request a Demo.

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